We are your neighbors and friends—just local citizens who decided it was time to move San Benito County in a more positive direction. Our goal is simple: build a thriving, sustainable community to take us into a brighter future.

The journey started with many of us were scratching our heads over Measure K. In particular, the No on K Campaign which spread misleading information as to what the measure was about, leading people down a path against growth in our County. Many of our group had individually spent time on social media, discussing with folks and attempting to educate people about the difference between residential zoning and Measure K, which was about commercial zoning. We heard countless stories of residents who had been told that a vote against Measure K was going to help stop Highway 25 traffic and stop big home developments, neither of which was true. In fact, the angst over traffic on Highway 25 and all of the new home developments was used by the No on K campaign to steer voters. Unfortunately, our efforts came too late and Measure K was defeated.

In response, a few of us began to talk about how to get our County to a better place, with a stable economy, more jobs and revenue streams so our County could provide better services, while still preserving our history and rural community. We organized into San Benito Citizens for a Brighter Future, a grassroots group which has grown into a 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. One of our goals is to put a stop to further misinformation campaigns designed to build mistrust and steer the public on a path against the commercial and economic growth. We believe the county is out of balance, with a lot of residential growth but very little commercial and economic growth–resulting in a lack of revenues to keep up with critical infrastructure.

We also support local business, and commercial projects which we feel are a good fit with our county, that would bring jobs and revenue while respecting our community; projects that have a focus on sustainability and the environment, while also celebrating our history and rural character. Most of all, we want to see factual information presented to our residents so they can make informed decisions regarding growth. #FACTSMATTER

We are working closely with other local groups and our elected officials, building a coalition that supports and encourages business growth, and financial stability in our County, while preserving its rural character. We would like to invite you to join with San Benito Citizens for a Brighter Future. You can make a difference! We are stronger together.